Causes of menstrual pain

Good news is: menstruation doesn?t have to be painful. If this is your problem ? you can do much more than buy a new generation of painkillers. You can change it. First you need to understand where the pain comes more

First menstruation
First menstruation is an important event, worth preparing for. At that moment we become women, or begin to discover what being a woman means. Have you started menstruating? Are you still waiting for your first time? more

About menstrual cycle and menstrual disorders from the perspective of Chinese medicine ? the second interview with Kasia Jaszczyk-Grska. How the Chinese medicine perceives the female cycle and what advice it gives us to keep it regular and carefree? read more
discover her again!
You will menstruate for 35-40 years of your life. Maybe a bit longer, maybe a bit shorter. 40 years equals 480 months. Menstruation lasts about 5 days on average. 480 x 5 is 2400 days spent ?on the moon?. Altogether six and a half years of your life!
Wouldn?t you be prepared to do a lot to free the next 6 years of your life from shame and pain? I bet that you would. read more

Naya eco pads and pantyliners.
Comfortable, healthy and modern alternative to disposable pads and tampons. Comfortable, because Naya's are soft and feel very pleasant. They contain no plastic, are organic and breathable and protect your skin from rash and irritation. Modern - promoting respect for the Earth and lifestyle respecting not only ours but also Her needs. Healthy - thanks to high standards of organic textiles.more