First menstruation
First menstruation
First menstruation is an important event, worth preparing for. At that moment we become women, or begin to discover what being a woman means. Have you started menstruating? Are you still waiting for your first time?
When will I start menstruating?
We mature faster than our ancestresses. One reason are hormones - in food: meat, dairy, and also in chemical products and exhaust fumes. Our greatgrandmothers and grandmothers began menstruating at around 15. Today the average age to start menstruating is 12,5.
Typical time for first menstruation is between 10 and 17. It is then worthwhile to learn something about it around the age of ten so that we can prepare for it.
Certainly, it might be difficult to wait for 7 years ? Fortunately, our body sends us signals which inform us that it will now be soon...

How to tell that I can start menstruating soon?
First menstruation appears at the end of the maturing process, it crowns it. It is like the Queen, who arrives at the ball as the last guest, when everything else is ready for her. And when she arrives ? the real fun begins. ?
So, first our breasts start to grow, our hips round up, pubic hair and that in our armpits sprouts. We grow and put on weight rapidly. Only when we weigh over 44 kilograms and fat consists ? of them can we start menstruating.
Our brain decides: yes, this girl is ready to become a woman, her body is strong enough. It ?switches on? a little hormone generator in our hypothalamus which sends a signal to our ovaries and... menstruation begins ? or rather, to be precise, the menstrual cycle.

What does it mean that I?m menstruating?
First of all it means that from now on you can have children. You can get pregnant. But of course it means much more than that.
You have become a woman and the next few years are the time to discover what it means. It is the time to grow mentally and emotionally, to get to know yourself, your strong points, your needs, your body, the time to discover who you are and who you want to be. This process of achieving psychological maturity takes several years and menstruation is its first sign.

Menstruation is a gift ? it is a time in each month when we can easily get in touch with ourselves ? with our soul, intuition, whatever you call it. It is a time when emotions flow freely. We can feel our bodies and learn from them. Of course we need time for it ? stay at home instead of going to school or shopping, lie in bed with a hot water bottle.

What is this menstrual cycle?
Just as the moon waxes and wanes in a month, so our body goes through a full menstrual cycle in 29 days of the lunar month.
An egg matures in one of our ovaries. After two weeks, when it?s big and ready, the ovary frees it. This is ovulation (from Latin ovum - egg). Some animals are fertile (can produce offspring) every six months, women are fertile (can get pregnant) for a few days in a month ? before and during ovulation.

The fallopian tube catches the egg and pulls it inside. It travels down it and if it doesn?t encounter sperm (male reproductive cells) and we don?t get pregnant, the egg dies.
The uterus prepared itself for the egg ? its lining grew and thickened, fed with hormones. If there isn?t a fertilized egg to live in it, the lining dies and flows out of the body with blood ? this is menstruation.

Not only the womb but also our whole body experiences the menstrual cycle. It means that before and during ovulation we have more energy to do things. It is the time to be active in our work, in the world outside. Before and during menstruation we are more sensitive to outside stimuli, it is a time for regeneration, letting feelings flow (a good time to cry ?) and contact with ourselves.
Many women around the world write lunar diaries ? they write down what happens during their cycle and thus get to understand it better and can adjust to it.

How long does the cycle last?

In the past, when women lived in close contact with the moon (there was no electricity and the moon was the brightest ?lamp? shining at night), their cycle was parallel to the moon?s ? 28,5 days. At present we have lost this connection and the cycle varies from 25 to 32 days for different women.
At the beginning our body is learning the cycle. This can take up to 2 years. That?s why at that time you can menstruate irregularly, e.g. the second menstruation comes 3 months after the first one (I had the third one after 6 months). Don?t worry about it, it?s quite natural, your body will eventually ?catch the rythm?.

What is going to happen?
First menstruation differs from woman to woman. Sometimes it is like a river of red blood, otherwise only a few brown spots appear and more blood flows the second or third time. For some women it begins in their sleep. Some dream obout its coming. It can surprise you at school or... at a camp far away from home. You cannot plan it and that is part of its charm ? our blood is unpredictable and likes to surprise us ?
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