Causes of menstrual pain

Some women aren?t affected by it. Unfortunately, over 60% of us regularly suffer from acute menstrual pain. It can be felt in lower back, abdomen or as womb cramps. It can appear a few days before or/and during menstruation.

Good news is: menstruation doesn?t have to be painful. If this is your problem ? you can do much more than buy a new generation of painkillers. You can change it.
First you need to understand where the pain comes from...

Causes of menstrual pain:
? Bad diet. If we eat too much sugar, white flour, highly processed food, our susceptibility to menstrual pain increases. The main culprits are highly processed dairy products (farewell, sweet yoghurts) and fizzy drinks. Lack of warm meals is also to blame. When we consume too much dairy, meat and sugar, the level of prostagladin F2 alpha ? a hormone causing womb cramps - increases. And so does the pain.

? Stressful, hectic lifestyle. The level of prostagladin F2 alpha increases also due to stress. If we eat badly and have a hectic, stressful lifestyle we are very likely to suffer from menstrual pain.

? Illnesses. The pain during menstruation can be caused by illnesses, such us cystomyoma, endometriosis (overgrowth of uterus lining) or infections. If we suffer from painful menstruations and notice stinging in vagina, discharges in unusual colours (yellow, green) we should consult a doctor.

? Age and anatomy. Some women ?naturally? have a narrow cervix, which can make flowing blood from the womb more difficult. The womb must contract harder to push the blood out, which can be painful. Many women find out that after giving birth their cervix gets looser and the blood can flow freely and painlessly.

? Negative attitude towards the body and menstruation. As research carried out by independent American scientists shows, as well as the experience of many women all over the world, a negative attitude towards the body and especially menstruation is one of the main causes of pain. In women who changed their attitude and stopped treating menstruation as a drag and a nuisance the pain lessened or even completely disappeared.

? Straining our bodies. During the first two days of menstruation the womb sheds its inner lining, like a snake. The process requires effort and concentration, the womb is fragile and sensitive. Physical strain, hard work, especially during these first two days leads to menstrual pain.




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