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In commercials sanitary pads are soaked with blue liquid. Women are ashamed of their cycle. They don?t need to feel like that. They don?t have to feel afraid, ashamed, disgusted. They don?t have to feel pain every month. It can change. Menstruation can become a good, creative experience. It can bring joy!
You will menstruate for 35-40 years of your life. Maybe a bit longer, maybe a bit shorter. 40 years equals 480 months. Menstruation lasts about 5 days on average. 480 x 5 is 2400 days spent ?on the moon?. Altogether six and a half years of your life!
Wouldn?t you be prepared to do a lot to free the next 6 years of your life from shame and pain? I bet that you would.

Menstruation can be a good experience. Important, valuable, pleasant.

Often we don?t realize it because we are taught from an early age to be ashamed of our menstrual blood. To be ashamed, afraid of it and to hide it. Curiously, in our western world the only blood that isn?t connected with violence or illness is completely banished from public sphere. You can?t see it on billboards, in films, the press or the Internet.
Girls and women learn that they must hide their blood. Nobody can see it. Thanks to us you will be safe, nobody will know ? this is the message of most advertising for tampons and disposable pads. Because, as we know, pads in commercials turn blue...

To change our attitude to menstruation, and thus regain this experience for ourselves, we need to first meet with the negative message about it which we received from our mothers, friends, our western culture. Am I ashamed of menstruation? Am I afraid that someone will see, know that I?m menstruating? Am I disgusted by my blood?
It?s important to know that I don?t have to feel like that. I don?t have to feel afraid, ashamed, disgusted. I don?t have to feel pain every month. It can easily change. Menstruation can become a good, creative experience, the time of month I look forward to. My own private Red Tent.

I know women who met with this negative attitude and transformed it. My work in the Red Tent also concerns helping women in this process. When we regain a blank slate we can start anew ? we can experience menstruation as if it was the first time ever. We can rediscover this experience and see what it brings. Because the cycle in a woman?s body, menstrual Blood brings women various gifts. In this short text I will concentrate on the most important ones.

What do I experience when I experience menstruation in a free way, not burdened with cultural prejudice?
1. Flow. On the physical, most direct level women experience flow ? their blood flows freely from their bodies. They feel a small river, a stream from inside their bellies flowing down, towards the earth. A unique, specific sensation, particularly strong when we get up from bed after a night?s sleep, or from a sofa when we?ve been sitting for a long time. We can feel like the Earth, from which ? from the source - a River flows. Maybe this is the reason why the source has always been one of the most powerful symbols of femininity.
If we accept this flow as a healthy pattern, it can become part of our other life experiences. Free flow of feelings, emotions, dreams. Life in the flow ? not squeezed, not blocked, without corks or stoppers. Not dry, sterile but flowing, living, open for the new ? new experiences, people, sensations.
2. Regeneration. Many women need a lot of sleep, a lot of rest while menstruating. They need to regenerate. During this time of month our body, our psyche craves relaxation. We cannot be active all the time ? this is our body?s lesson. In nature we have day and night. At night we sleep and dream ? dream the future. Menstruation is our night. The time to slow down. Rest. Cherish ourselves.
3. Wisdom. During menstruation, especially on the first, second day, women seem absent, unconsciouss in a specific way. They find it hard to concentrate on facts, people, actions.
When you stop fighting with it, when you let yourself immerse in this state, you will experience an inward draw - inside your inner world. If you lie down and close your eyes you may feel, hear, see. It feels as if you were COILING UP inside, into the centre. Like a snake, like a spiral, like a piece of thread.
Menstruation is the time of contact with the wisdom which lives inside us, the time when answers to important questions come - if we make space and time for this inward travel.
4. Energy.
Women who don?t ignore their cycle and work less just before menstruating and take time off in the first two days of their period often experience an exceptional energy flow. Vibrant, flowing energy is ?spinning? or ?dancing? inside their body ? a unique, highly pleasant state.
5. Good change. Menstruation is the time of our cycle when our body experiences passage of time, death. The lining of endometrium in the uterus dies and, together with blood, leaves the body. It?s our internal ?new moon? ? the time of an end and a new beginning.
Women who celebrate their cycle can naturally synchronize with this rythm. During menstruation they take time for themselves and ask questions: What doesn?t serve life anymore? What has become old, useless, what wants to pass away, disappear from my life? Which feelings, emotions, patterns have served their purpose, run their course? Then they make an intention ? let them pass. And they let it happen...
After menstruation, when the time to act in the world comes, they introduce the changes into their lives. Thus menstruation can become the time of good endings, planning changes. Making space for the new ? new feelings, relations, patterns.




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